Mistakes You Didn’t Know you’re Making With Highlighter

Jan 9, 2017

  1. Making too much of layer

Make sure you don’t concentrate the whole product on one area and while leaving the rest.

  1. Using too much

Anything excessive is of course a no.

  1. Don’t focus on the wrong places

The ideal place to apply is you cheekbones, corner of eyes, nose tip as well as the cupid’s bow.

  1. Use an ideal shade

You should always pick the right shade as per your skin tone. Highlighter is indeed translucent but the shade has to be appropriate.

  1. Blend it well

It has to be blended enough to look seamless.

  1. Don’t put it all over

Don’t be enough tempted to apply it all over your face.

  1. Use right tools

Use the right brush for application.

  1. Be flexible

There may be a standard formula but you have to be open about your experimentation because you know your face well.

  1. Focus on cheeks and nose

These are the ideal highlighter spots!

  1. Be sure of the order!

Sequence is the key!

  1. Match with the right foundation

The base plays an important role.

  1. Don’t go super-shimmery

Be subtle with the overall makeup components.



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Mistakes You Didn’t Know you’re Making With Highlighter


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